Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)

The Malaysia My Second Home programme is perfectly designed for the adventurous entrepreneur who desires to run their business remotely in tropical and vibrant living.


Anyone above 21 years old that is able to prove a monthly offshore income of at least USD $2400 and can show liquid assets of USD $120,000 can easily apply for the programme through us.


The MM2H visa awards you a 10-year renewable social visit visa which allows multiple entries into the country.


There is no capital investment needed for this programme. Once your application is approved, the only requirement is depositing USD $72,000 into a local fixed deposit account in your name. After 1 year, you may withdraw a portion of this money for purposes such as buying a home.

Click the link below and leave us your details and we will send you a full information pack to start your exciting life in Malaysia!






As an official agent of the MM2H program, we will assist you in all the paperwork and procedures in the application process to obtain your Malaysian visa. 


We will assist you in depositing the money required to fulfil the financial requirements of the visa scheme.


We are pleased to offer a range of properties from all over Malaysia to suit your living or investment requirements. 


Why choose Malaysia as your base?

Here are just a few reasons why many expats are choosing Malaysia as their second home.

  • Low cost of living compared to other modern cities.

  • High internet speeds

  • Great working spaces

  • Excellent city infrastructure and transportation

  • Vibrant city night life


Download our MM2H info pack for an easy to read brochure. Click here!

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