What are the costs related to obtaining this visa?

The direct costs involved are related to the agent fees for the application and processing of your MM2H visa.

As part of the requirement to qualify for the MM2H visa, you have to put a certain amount into a Malaysian fixed deposit account. The money you put into the fixed deposit account itself is not a cost, rather it is just a requirement of the government to determine you have enough money to live in Malaysia. You can withdraw a certain portion of this money after one year for various living expenditure. You can withdraw all the money in your Malaysian fixed deposit account should you choose to return to the UK

Must I go through an agent to obtain my visa?

You can choose to use an agent such as us, or you can also opt to deal directly with the government. However, dealing with the Malaysian government directly is a lengthy and tedious process as there are many different applications and departments to deal with and the process can often be frustrating and confusing to foreigners.

Agents usually deal solely with MM2H applications, and therefore are well versed in all the processes in acquiring this visa.

Only authorised agents such as us can deal on your behalf to obtain the visa. Our fee is competitive, and we aim to offer the best quality service to our customers.

How long will it take for the visa application to be approved?

In early March 2019 it was announced the new government is setting up a new task force to clear the backlog of MM2H applications and speed up the processing of new applications. It was announced that all pending applications would be cleared within 4 months.

Can I withdraw my fixed deposit funds during my stay here?

Yes. After a one-year period you are allowed to withdraw part of the money for children’s education, medical expenses, or to purchase a car. In an event of an emergency, the money can be withdrawn before the one-year period with prior approval from the ministry of tourism.

Are you a licenced MM2H agent?

Yes, we are a licenced agent based in Kuala Lumpur. Our company is MyFirst MM2H Pvt Ltd. Our licence number is KPK/LN MM2H 0569. You can find us under the official government list of authorised agents at