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Are inept government officials sabotaging the MM2H program?

It is disappointing to read of the backlog in the delay in approving applications of the MM2H program. The program itself is a good product; very few countries offer such easy entry to foreigners to live or retire in a second country with such reasonable financial requirements. 

Although the government has set up a task force to speed things up, lack of communication and transparency is still holding the program back.

Another issue is the staff themselves that deal with applications. Sad to say, Malaysia’s civil staff is still not up to par with the private sector. It is frustrating to deal with the MM2H staff at the government counters who do not take time to understand cases and often reject valid applications on the basis of technicalities which they do not understand. 

An example would be a case I was handling as an agent for a gentleman from the UK. The first basic requirement for any MM2H applicant is the requirement of receiving an income of at least RM10,000 from an offshore source. This gentleman was already residing and working in Malaysia for 20 years prior to this and was being paid from his UK company into a local Malaysian bank account. However we were told as his income (which was more than 10,000 a month) was not banked into a foreign account, he will not qualify. This is disappointing and frustrating. The money was still from an offshore source and it was merely for convenience that it was being banked into a local account rather than his UK account. However government staff in Malaysia are often rigid and refuse to take time to understand matters that go slightly out of their small guide books. They turned away a potential applicant that would have benefitted the country. Sad to say this man has given up on applying and is looking elsewhere. 

I had another case where an American citizen who had renounced his Malaysian citizenship years ago to become an American enquire about the MM2H program. He too was flat out refused within 2 minutes of attempting to explain his case. Staff once again did not take time to escalate or consider this man’s case. Where does it say that an ex citizen cannot take up the MM2H program. As an American, he is a foreigner, and aren’t all foreigners welcome to take up the MM2H program?

As an agent, I try my best to help my clients as much as possible but often the government staff make it difficult for us to promote and bring the program to more potential applicants. It is no wonder the MM2H program has a rather bad name. It is a shame as it is one of the best migration programs in the world, with many benefits on offer to those who actually succeed with their application.  *The views expressed here are the personal views of an MM2H agent.*


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