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Expats stranded overseas can return after MCO, says Motac

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

The Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture Malaysia have finally issue a statement regarding the plight of many long stay MM2H visa holders who have been stranded abroad since the lockdown in Malaysia was imposed.

In a report by The Star paper today, Minister Nancy Shukri confirmed that expats will be allowed to return once the MCO order has been lifted.

However with no clear indication of the end of the MCO, this will still be frustrating news to many foreigners who have made Malaysia their home. Many MM2H holders are of the opinion that in this matter they should have been treated as local Malaysians rather than as foreign tourists.

One MM2H visa holder, who declined to be named said, "We moved here 10 years ago and we have made Malaysia our only home. It is very sad that we have been locked out from our home and life in Malaysia. We have property, cars and a dog. We would have been more than willing to be quarantined as soon as we returned to Malaysia. Instead, we have been shut out from our home and are renting in a foreign country just waiting for new on when we can come home".

Another said, "As Malaysia My Second Home participants, we have invested a huge amount into the Malaysian economy. In return, we get to reside in a beautiful country with wonderful people. Don't get me wrong, we are not asking for some sort of special treatment. We are merely pointing out we are indeed resident in Malaysia! Our home is Malaysia. There really should be no issue of us returning if we are willing to go through quarantine. It is very disappointing that the Malaysian government has turned its back on us.

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