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Frustrated stranded MM2H expats still unable to return

Myfirst MM2H has received reports from a number of MM2H visa holders that are still unable to return despite the government of Malaysia lifting the ban on the return of foreign expats.

Some are finding it difficult to be tested negative for Covid-19 before departing to Malaysia.

An MM2H holder who declined to be named said, "I do not understand the bizarre need to be certified virus-free before leaving the country. I am currently in a country that does not provide testing unless directed by the government. I am at a loss on how to return home to Malaysia. What is the point of being certified virus-free when we are going to undergo quarantine for 14 days once we reach Malaysia. Haven't we been put through enough being banned from returning to our homes for so long. I am totally disappointed with the government of Malaysia and how many hurdles they are making us jump through just to get home. Many of us are no longer young and this is an unnecessary burden to us"

Others are finding that airline are not allowing them to board flights unless they have immigration documents from Malaysia that clearly state they are allowed to return.

An MM2H visa holder currently stranded in Hong Kong has told us the airline is refusing to let her book a flight without papers that state she can return to Malaysia. However a check on the official MM2H government website shows that stranded expats need to fill up a Google form with their details that will then be passed to Malaysian immigration authorities. It does not state if any sort of validation document, paper or pass will be provided or emailed to the stranded MM2H expat as proof they can return.

Juen Keong of MyFirst MM2H said, "The plan to get our honorary Malaysians home has not been thought through properly. We hope the government takes steps to quickly address the issues faced by a number of MM2H expats currently trying so hard to return home. We ourselves as an agency can only do so much and we are very sympathetic to the plight of these MM2H visa holders stuck overseas."

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