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New changes to MM2H program in 2019

On 7th March 2019, the Malaysian government announced some changes to requirements of MM2H applications and for withdrawal of funds from fixed deposit accounts.

Here is the summary of the key changes. Please visit the official MM2H government site for the full list of changes. It should be noted any application submitted before this announcement (but yet to be approved) will not be affected by the application submission changes.

New requirements for MM2H applications (effective March 2019)


  • All submitted passport photos should be on a BLUE background only

  • Applicants are required to submit coloured copies of passport particulars page and ALL pages that contain entry/exit stamp. Only the passport particular page is required to be notarised (certified as a true copy by a Notary Public).

Letter of Good Conduct

  • Applicants are no longer allowed to submit LOGC issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia. Only LOGC from the original country of residence will be accepted.

  • Only the principal applicant is required to submit the LOGC.

Off-shore income (Proof of Liquid Assets)

  • If the principal applicant is unable to meet the RM10,000 per month off-shore income requirement, he/she may now also submit income from his/her spouse to support the application. However, the applicant's income should exceed the spouse with a ratio of 7:3.

  • The applicant who declares that he / she is employed is not permitted to use other sources of income such as rental income, investment benefits and others as sources of income to make up the total of RM10,000. *Pensioners who receive income under their pension scheme are not considered employed and therefore may submit other sources of income to make up the RM10,000 requirement.*

  • Applicants are required to provide both salary slips and 3 months of current bank statements as evidence of salary income credited by the employer.

Certified true copy requirement of non-english documentation

  • Documents validated by Commissioner of Oaths will no longer be accepted. Only documents certified by a Notary Public will be accepted.

New requirements for the withdrawal of fixed deposit funds (effective March 2019)

General requirement

  • All application for withdrawal of fixed deposit funds are no longer permitted to be submitted by e-mail. Requests must be made in person.

House purchase

  • House purchases may be made under the name of the principal applicant's dependant (spouse or child) Participants may submit Sales Purchase Agreement under the dependent’s name provided that the dependent is a valid holder of MM2H Social Visit Pass during time of submission.

Medical expenses

  • Participants may submit a receipt of payment for medicines purchased at a pharmacy or other related fees such as medical consultations or hospital admission as evidence of medical expenses.


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