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MM2H Programme temporarily frozen

The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme has been temporarily frozen for review and improvement by the federal government, said Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Nancy Shukri.

MM2H is a programme that allows foreigners to stay in Malaysia for 10 years.

Earlier, it was reported that the MM2H centre in the tourism ministry had been closed “until further notice” amid talk that 90% of applications for the programme had been rejected.

Nancy was commenting on reports that MM2H applications had been frozen while the MM2H office at the ministry had been closed and moved to the Immigration Department.

She said the Immigration Department was re-looking the approval process while the ministry was also conducting a study into the programme.

"We're targeting to get everything done by December. It's not a permanent closure because the programme contributes to our economy.

"It should resume by next year. We can't afford to leave it frozen for a long time as it involves money for the country," Nancy said.

Myfirst (MM2H) a licensed agent in Kuala Lumpur is extremely disappointed with this latest update.

"Already there has been much delay in the approval process of applications since 2018. Agents such as ourselves work extremely hard to promote the country and find qualified applicants for this programme. There has also been no update whatsoever on pending applications currently being processed by the government. What is the status of all these people who have paid money and are waiting for their visa? We demand a proper response so we can provide this to our clients. All this delay and confusion is severely damaging Malaysia's reputation as a destination for high income expats. We urge the government to keep agents in the loop as we are the ones answering to the clients not them"

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