Why choose Malaysia?


The Malaysian government is offering various incentives to foreigners looking to reside or retire here under the Malaysia My Second Home program. 

Ten Year Visa For Malaysia

Under the MM2H program, applicants will be awarded with a 10-year social visa which allows multiple entries into the country. This visa is renewable as long as the applicant is fulfilling the original application criteria's while they remain in Malaysia.

Applicants may bring their spouse and unmarried children below 21 years of age as dependants. Your spouse and children will get the same class of visa and the same duration as the main applicant.


Freehold Property Purchase

Malaysia is one of the most hassle-free countries in Asia for foreigners and expats who are on the lookout to acquire properties. There is no limit on the number of residential properties a foreigner can purchase. The only criteria is a minimum purchase price of £200,000 (equivalent of MYR1,000,000.) for each property.

Buying a house whether for living or as an investment is a big decision. We are pleased to offer a range of properties of all types in affluent areas such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor. Click here to view some of our latest homes or contact us for further information. 

Cost of Living

Many are attracted to Malaysia as the living costs here are much lower than in other countries. We have created a beautiful infographic with detailed costs of rental, food, transport and various household items as a guide to show you just how affordable living it is to live in Malaysia. Click below!

Children's Education

One of the main reasons foreigners apply for the MM2H visa is for their children’s education. There are many international schools and universities, for example, Garden International School, Monash University (Australia) in Bandar Sunway, University of Nottingham (United Kingdom) in Semenyih, and Newcastle University in Iskandar Johor. Malaysia provides an environment which is suitable and safe for children to improve their English language and further their studies in any field.

Tax-free incentives

All foreign sourced income, including pension, interest, and dividend income, is exempt from Malaysian taxes. Only income from employment or business within Malaysia is taxable and all overseas income is exempt from income tax.


Business and Investments 

Participant’s of the MM2H program are allowed to start a business, subject to domestic trade regulation and current policy. Participants are allowed to hold non-executive positions in the company and the company can either be 100% foreign owned or jointly run with local partners.

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The capital city has all the conveniences of the Western world.


Penang has  a relaxed island lifestyle away from the bustle of the capital.

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Malaysia's second largest city, a stone throw away from Singapore.

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